Glory Legend Cruises (Glory Cruises) have got 11 cabins and 17 cabins with the same services and standard. They have been operating in December 2014. They are modern and tastefully designed boats, the boats feature spacious, well-appointed cabins and suites with large en-suite bathrooms, large sundecks with comfortable lounging furniture and elegant dining rooms and bars... Read more

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Cruises in Focus

Cruises in Focus

The Glory Legend Cruises Experience is an immersion in culture, heritage and natural beauty of one of the most enchanting destinations in the world. Follow us on a journey rich in local color, luxurious surroundings, gracious services and discover the art of Glory Cruises...

Halong Bay

Halong Glory Cruise

According to local legend, when the Vietnamese were fighting Chinese invaders, the gods sent a family of dragons to help defend the land. This family of dragons began spitting out jewels and jade. These jewels turned into the islands and islets dotting the bay, linking together to form a great wall against the invaders. The people kept their land safe and formed what later became the country of Vietnam... Read more


Halong Bay has twice been recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage